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What is Integrate BPD?

Integrate BPD is a program designed for individuals with borderline tendencies and/or personality disorder. The program is utilizes Reality Integration Therapy™, which is a technique that consists of 3 steps:


Fantasy Dismantling

The individual tests their disordered psychodynamics against a benchmark of reality that is provided to them. In this process, they are shown evidence that their fantasy is not rooted
in reality, which creates a grief response for mourning the life they previously believed was real.


Separation - Individuation

During separation, the individual must not only physically, but psychologically separate themselves from the inner abuser they have merged with. This may leave a void within, leaving room for growth of healthy internal objects and sense of self. Individuation then takes place, which is the building of healthy and realistic internal objects.


Integration & Whole Object Relations

Steps are taken to encourage and support re-connection with society and a more stable life. As the individual now has healthy and realistic internal objects, their interactions with external objects will reflect this change. This is where whole object relations are fully restored and the individual becomes integrated.

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“I've found this program to be very supportive, while also helping to be accountable, confront reality in a productive, non-accusatory, and responsible way.”

Michael Customer

This module was so helpful. I look forward to reading back through it to pick up on other concepts that may have slipped through the cracks while I wait for the next one to be released. The malignant victimization and primary narcissism concepts are w for me.

Awa Customer

“The way you present the literature on these subjects in an easy to digest and personal matter-of-fact way is really impressive. I'm absolutely grateful for it. It's awesome work.”

Chris Beauchamp Customer

Every time I read material I get new breakthroughs.

Lucianna Customer

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