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Why Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence enables you to feel one way, but act another for a better outcome.


Create better outcomes for yourself and others by developing skills that enable you to respond better to emotionally-charged situations.

Mental Health

Prevent the development of maladaptive emotional states associated with mood, anxiety, and personality disorders.


Improve self-esteem, communication, stress management, emotional regulation, and many more emotional skills that lead to fulfilling relationships and a higher quality of life.

Develop a deeper understanding

How do I know if I lack
emotional intelligence?

Emotional Dysregulation

Emotions get in the way of you working through problems effectively.

If you lack emotional intelligence, you’re likely to be easily overwhelmed by emotion, which can heavily interfere with problem solving.

Impaired Empathy

You lack empathy and people often tell you so.

Those lacking emotional intelligence and empathy often have a hard time identifying with and regulating their own emotions, causing chaotic outcomes.

Unstable Relationships

You struggle in your relationships.

Having a series of relationships that didn’t end well, had highs and lows, and/or many misunderstandings could be a sign that you lack emotional intelligence.

Principles of emotional Intelligence

Ashley teaches using emotional intelligence principles rooted in research so that individuals can reality-test their emotions, thoughts, and decisions before acting on them.

Bridge the gap between order and chaos.

Emotions often lead to disorder and chaos since they rarely reflect reality. Principles, rooted in reality, can guide our outcomes towards predictability and order.

Guide decision-making in times of uncertainty.

Business is a place where uncertainty is always at the table. Principles enable fast and more effective decision making throughout uncertain and often emotionally-charged times.

Reduce the natural tendency to react, rather than respond.

When we are rooted in principles, our cognition gains power over our emotions and becomes a defense against impulsivity and reactivity.

Boil complex problems down to their most basic elements.

Simple solutions allow relationships, decisions, and teams to move faster without making the same mistakes.

Mitigate life and business risk by learning from history.

All principles are rooted in history, research, and facts, which enables you, your relationship, or team to practice algorithmic thinking rather than emotional thinking in heavy decision-making environments.

Guide your outcomes, but have room for innovation.

Principles are broad enough so that they enable originality, innovation, creativity and novelty. However, they hold boundaries to promise good outcomes.

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