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Ashley overcame years of childhood abuse and multiple mental health diagnoses, including anorexia and OCD. By 18, she was a public speaker, sharing her journey and insights on emotional intelligence. She furthered her expertise at Columbia University, where she studied psychoanalytic literature for three years. Ashley developed Reality Integration Therapy™, a method that helped her personally overcome her diagnoses. She's now conducting research on this therapy and has turned it into a product called Integrate BPD.



Ashley is no longer taking any 1-1 appointments.

Ashley began her journey by sharing her personal story on various platforms, including TED talks, corporate conferences, and universities. She later joined Columbia University to deepen her understanding of mental health, where she gained lab and research experience.

You can follow Ashley on social media platforms, read her published research papers, or attend one of her speaking engagements. She frequently updates her followers about her ongoing research and new developments in the field.

Yes, Ashley is available for speaking engagements. She has spoken at various events, including TED talks, corporate conferences, and educational institutions. You can contact her team for booking inquiries.


Reality Integration Therapy™

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To read up on Reality Integration Therapy™, please read our white paper.

Reality Integration Therapy™ is rooted in psychoanalytic literature, mainly object relations and separation-individuation theory.

Yes, a few licensed professionals are currently being trained in Reality Integration Therapy™. 

Individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and/or tendencies of the disorder will benefit from Reality Integration Therapy™. 


Integrate BPD

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Integrate BPD is a program for individuals who have strong borderline tendencies, or who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Integrate BPD is a program for individuals who are looking to address the root cause of BPD or their tendencies, which is the split object relations, rather than addressing the symptoms. It is also made for those who are looking for help that they can do on their own – at their own pace and without a licensed therapist. 

Integrate BPD is 8 modules – if you purchase the membership, it’s an ongoing community where you receive 1 module per month. If you purchase the full product, you get all of the materials up front, but have lifelong access to the community and resources made available.

Signing up to Integrate BPD will get you: 1. The Integrate BPD platform where all of the self work materials are given, 2. The Integrate BPD community of 500+ individuals working through the program and access to Ashley as well, and 3. Access to a weekly LIVE class conducted by Ashley. You will get an email immediately after signing up with all of the information needed to access the materials, community, and the LIVE classes.


Corporate Workshops

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You can email [email protected]  to contact our staff, who will facilitate any questions, meetings, and/or scheduling.

Ashley has partnered with companies and events, including TED, King’s Hawaiian, Shoprite, Marriott Hotels, Cornell University, Quicken Loans, AG Jeans, Arizona State University, and many more.

To discuss the cost of an event, please reach out to our events staff at [email protected] with the size, location, and duration of the event.


Speaking Engagements

Browse our FAQs regarding hiring Ashley for a speaking engagement.

You can email [email protected]  to contact our staff, who will facilitate any questions, meetings, and/or scheduling.

Ashley has collaborated with various organizations and events such as TED, King's Hawaiian, Shoprite, Marriott, Cornell University, Quicken Loans, AG Jeans, and Arizona State University, among others.

You can read more about speaking engagements  and events on our speaker packet here.

To discuss the cost of an event, please reach out to our events staff at [email protected] with the size, location, and duration of the event.



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In April 2024, Ashley is hosting an Integrate Retreat in upstate New York, NY.  

The Integrate Retreat in 2024 is $1,300.

Payment plans are not accepted for the Integrate Retreat.

The Integrate Retreat will take place over the weekend (2 nights and 3 days). Meals are included and will be provided to all attendees.


Emotional Intelligence

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It’s extremely easy for our emotions to go to extreme ends of the spectrum without us realizing, which can disrupt good outcomes in our life. Emotional intelligence is the ability to navigate our emotions intelligently, clearing the way for sustainable optimal outcomes.

Ashley began researching and teaching emotional intelligence after realizing the damage it was causing her in life to lack it. Experiencing a childhood of several mental health issues, struggles with emotional regulation, and unhappiness, she realized there was a better way to manage her emotions and improve her life outcomes. After conquering her own emotions, behaviors, and outcomes, she decided to share her answers with the world.

Every business is in the business of people – both inside and outside of the corporation. Being able to better navigate emotions, behaviors, and relationships, can provide immediate effects on culture, work ethic, and business outcomes.

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Our support staff is available at [email protected] or by text at +1 (631) 867-2075.

Yes, your payments are always in your control. You can join and cancel at absolutely any time you wish!

When you log into Integrate BPD, you will find the “onboarding” section. Underneath this section, you will find “Access Billing Information,” which is where you can control your billing, card information, and subscription.