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Ashley Zahabian is a psychology researcher, lecturer, and educator based in New York, NY. The focus of Ashley’s professional work is understanding the impact of childhood environments and personality styles on human relationships, mental health, professional life, and basic life outcomes.

She has traveled all over the world to speak at universities, conferences, and businesses – speaking at TED and for companies like Adriano Goldschmied, King’s Hawaiian and Comcast, and was even sponsored by Harvard University to create a curriculum on emotional intelligence. For a few years, she was also conducting research at Columbia University on  cognition and emotional affectivity.

Ashley is also a 2x healthcare entrepreneur. In 2018, she started Daldot. Daldot was one of few teams around the world to obtain a biobank of a bio-fluid called interstitial fluid (ISF), enabling the company to study its composition in detail. These findings probed Daldot to develop wearable biosensors that could continuously monitor the markers in the bio-fluid. In late 2021, Daldot was acquired by an Australian MedTech company, Nutromics.

After the sale, Ashley started Integratea company serving individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). The company has a core psycho-educational product, Integrate BPD, that aims at helping individuals integrate the fragmented parts of themselves.

The company also has a strong R&D team dedicated to developing a new treatment for BPD, called Reality Integration Therapy(RIT), which is currently under clinical development and study. The new therapy combines cognitive behavioral techniques with psychoanalytic theory to bring a much more targeted, structured, and proactive treatment for BPD. 


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